• Gold: 1,292.76 -0.29
  • Silver: 15.57 -0.02
  • Euro: 1.139 -0.000
  • USDX: 96.142 0.083
  • Oil: 52.28 0.02

Live Silver

Bid|Ask 15.57 15.58
Low|High 15.55 15.61
Change -0.02  -0.11% 
Jan 17, 2019 01:30:31 EST
1 mo +0.9058 +6.18%
1 yr -1.4613 -8.58%
Low|High 13.89 17.70

Live Gold

Bid|Ask 1,292.74 1,292.82
Low|High 1,291.37 1,295.33
Change -0.31  -0.02% 
Jan 17, 2019 01:30:32 EST
1 mo +46.79 +3.76%
1 yr -35.79 -2.69%
Low|High 1,160.27 1,366.08

Gold-Silver Ratio

Bid|Ask 82.99 83.03
Low|High 82.86 83.05
Change 0.0851  0.1% 
Jan 17, 2019 01:30:32 EST
1 mo -1.9369 -2.28%
1 yr +5.0437 +6.47%
Low|High 75.18 86.55

Silver Edition


OneGold, January 16, 2:01 pm

­­New, cutting-edge technologies often come at a high cost, but not this time. OneGold is extending an unprecedented offer of gold and silver at spot price for three months to help new buyers enjoy the financial benefits of owning precious metals. With a time-saving interface backed by the security of blockchain technology, investors can add gold and silver assets to their portfolios at a cost lower than that of traditional physical metals.

Gary Christenson, January 16, 9:27 am

The M2 measure of money supply has increased about 6.7% per year since 1971 when President Nixon severed the last hint of gold backing the dollar. The subsequent deluge of digital dollars levitated prices for oil, trucks, hamburgers, the S&P 500 Index, silver and almost everything else. Examine the log scale graph of M2 and smoothed silver prices. M2 rises, while silver prices increase to unsustainable levels, fall too low and then rise again.

Keith Weiner, January 14, 12:52 pm

Contracting money supply –> rising prices of gold and silver. Expanding money supply –> softer prices. That said, the fundamental prices of both metals—a calculation we make every day—has been rising since Nov 26. So far, the listening and talking of Powell has not pushed the fundamentals down. Though it should be noted that the gold fundamental is just recovering to its range from 2017. And the silver fundamental is almost back to prior levels. We will look at graphs...

David Jensen, January 14, 9:29 am

David Jensen Explains the Recent Fireworks in Palladium & Why It Matters...

Rambus, January 14, 9:02 am

Lets start with a 16 year monthly chart for silver which seems like a long time but in the big picture it only shows us a small part of its history. The dominate chart pattern is the 2011 bear market downtrend channel which is almost perfectly parallel. I purposely left the top rail of the 2011 downtrend channel and the top rail of the 2016 triangle thin so you can see the critical area silver is now trading at, red circle. So far this month silver has traded as high as 15.95 which puts it right against the top rail of the 2011 bear market downtrend channel and the top rail of the 2016 triangle.

Theodore Butler, January 10, 8:30 am

Reasonable questions should be answered reasonably. When such questions cannot be answered reasonably or at all, particularly by those with a responsibility for answering, something is wrong. A good number of such questions remain unanswered in silver and those not providing answers include the federal commodities regulator (the CFTC), the designated self-regulator (the CME Group), as well as the most important bank in the US, JPMorgan. What constitutes a reasonable question in silver? I would define questions to be reasonable if they encompass occurrences known to be unprecedented either in silver or in any other market and in which the questions have been repeatedly asked, yet remain unanswered. To be sure, there are several such unanswered questions in silver that date back as long as a decade; each one of which stands out in terms of potential significance, but taken together point to something being seriously out of kilter in the silver market.

Chris Waltzek, January 7, 3:44 pm

Michael Pento, President and Founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies LLC returns to Goldseek.com Radio with comprehensive economic analysis.

Keith Weiner, January 7, 10:53 am

As the price of silver rose over 2% this week, the cobasis basically held steady. There is some buying of metal here, and some speculation too. This is not exactly the picture of a feeding frenzy, with an outlook of silver-to-da-moon. But nor is it a sign of a speculative blip, with a prognosis of a crash. The Monetary Metals Silver Fundamental Price rose 12 cents, to $15.91. This week, of course, the stock market went up. Does the incredible bull market roar back to life? We are not stock market prognosticators, but we don’t think so if the Fed stays the course. As we’ve written, the discount on future earnings is higher now and therefore the present value is lower. Also, the interest expense is up and this will crush the marginal debtors.

Eric Sprott, January 4, 2:59 pm

“It’s been a great week so far. And I don’t think we could have expected a better setup than we’ve had here. Perhaps I should even start off with an economic thing that happened. That was the Apple/iPhone sales suggestion that the revenues would be down. And it was interesting that the announcement was made the first business day of the year. … Being the sort-of cynic and/or skeptic that I am, I said, ‘Well, I wonder what would have happened if that announcement had been made in mid-December? … Had they made that announcement while stocks were plunging, it might have put the nail right in the coffin.”

Gary Christenson, January 2, 12:54 pm

Silver prices move up and down farther than gold prices. That pushes the gold-silver ratio too high, like now, when silver is inexpensive. Or it pushes the ratio too low, as in January 1980, when silver prices zoomed upward too far and too fast. When the gold to silver ratio exceeds 80, it is often a good time to buy silver.

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