• Gold: 1,199.33 -1.09
  • Silver: 14.18 0.02
  • Euro: 1.169 0.001
  • USDX: 94.491 -0.051
  • Oil: 69.45 0.58

September 11: Gold Gains While Silver Slips

Gold edged up to $1197.20 in Asia before it chopped down to $1187.90 in early New York trade, but it then rallied back higher into the close and ended near its late session high of $1197.80 with a gain of 0.06%. Silver slipped to as low as $13.942 before it also bounced back, but it still ended with a loss of 0.35%.

COMEX Silver To Test 2015 Lows

Putting this all together, we must once again warn precious metal investors and traders to avoid "catching the falling knife". Though it may appear that price is near a physical floor... and though it may appear that the CoT positioning is near historic levels... and though it may appear that the charts look oversold... none of this will matter if the emerging markets continue to melt down and China continues its regime of devaluations against the US$. In this scenario, COMEX precious metal prices will continue lower, despite all traditional metrics.

DSLV Update…The Chartology of Silver

Today DSLV 3 X short silver etf, is breaking out from a possible bearish falling wedge. I’m going to take an initial position and buy 150 shares at the market at 34.74 with the sell/stop on a daily close below the 50 day ema which is currently at 30.06. ZSL is a 2 X leveraged etf if you don’t want all the leverage. DSLV can be pretty volatile so take small bites. A backtest to the top rail would come into play around the 34.15 area for a slightly lower risk entry point.

Silver Krugerrand Has Arrived!

This month, the silver bullion Krugerrand has been launched! It’s a really big development, as the Krugerrand is an iconic global brand. The gold Krugerrand was launched in 1967 as the first modern gold bullion coin. It enjoyed great interest, with the peak in 1978 when over 6 million ounces of Krugerrands were sold.

360 video: Take a look around the London Silver...

Deep beneath Chancery Lane in central London are the London Silver Vaults, containing the largest retail collection of antique silver in the world. Use our 360 video to discover it for yourself.

Inflation is a Policy Decision

Relative to the DOW, silver prices are too low. Long-term the DOW and commodity prices will rise. Bankers and politicians profit from currency devaluations so inflation will continue. Silver prices bottomed in December 2015 but remain low compared to the DOW, M3, and national debt. M3 and debt increase exponentially. People will realize that debts can be paid only via default or devaluation. Silver will (someday) rise when investors protect their savings and retirements with inflation hedges.

These Indicators Are Predicting New All-time High...

Since the 1999 Dow/Gold ratio peak, silver was only able to reach around $49, just short of the 1980 high of $50 (not so clear on the chart since it deals with monthly prices). This tells me that all-time highs are still coming. Interest rates are also a very important economic measure, especially for silver prices, as explained previously (explained for gold, but also applies to silver). A period after a major interest rate bottom is generally great for silver.

Video: Is Silver Set for a Massive Breakout?

– Silver has been basically in a “volatility depression” (see chart) – Volatility has been “slowly decreasing over time … for years now” – Silver is “forming some sort of base” and “it is due for a massive break out” and this should “pull gold up with it”

Why Silver Could Replace The Dollar

Silver used to be a significant part of the monetary base in many countries. You could find it as part of monetary reserves together with gold, as well as coinage in circulation. Over the years that silver was demonetized (at least from the 1870s to roughly the 1960s), significant amounts of silver coins (official currency coins) were melted down and sold on the markets, together with silver bars (used as reserves). This brought us to today, where the amount of silver that is part of the monetary base is basically immaterial.

A Depressed Economy And A Silver Boom

The current bottoming pattern looks like triangle that broke down. However, it actually is very bullish although it still needs to find a bottom. The bearish look of the triangle is creating that perfect panic that is needed before price can go higher. The wise is buying right now while the fearful are selling. It only is important that price does not go lower than the low of 2015.