• Gold: 1,561.54 -0.94
  • Silver: 17.78 -0.01
  • Euro: 1.105 -0.000
  • USDX: 97.696 0.009
  • Oil: 55.59 -0.06

Live Silver

Bid|Ask 17.78 17.79
Low|High 17.75 17.80
Change -0.01  -0.06% 
Jan 23, 2020 22:13:40 EST
1 mo +0.0236 +0.13%
1 yr +2.4656 +16.1%
Low|High 14.29 19.65

Live Gold

Bid|Ask 1,561.54 1,561.57
Low|High 1,559.58 1,562.75
Change -0.94  -0.06% 
Jan 23, 2020 22:13:48 EST
1 mo +62.24 +4.15%
1 yr +280.12 +21.86%
Low|High 1,266.27 1,611.41

Gold-Silver Ratio

Bid|Ask 87.78 87.82
Low|High 87.75 87.88
Change -0.0359  -0.04% 
Jan 23, 2020 22:13:48 EST
1 mo +3.4891 +4.14%
1 yr +4.1543 +4.97%
Low|High 78.88 93.44

Silver Edition


Hubert Moolman, January 23, 2:01 pm

If this USD/ZAR continues its fall, then we could see a massive silver rally soon. We are still in a very positive period for Silver, and my opinion a very good period to accumulate for the long haul.

SRSrocco, January 23, 10:03 am

Very few people understand the tremendous hidden value in every silver coin in the world. Unfortunately, most precious metals investors do not realize the critical factor in acquiring and holding the physical silver investment. The majority of gold and silver analysts provide forecasts for precious metals based on the negative symptoms taking place in the economy and market (debt, derivatives, fiat money, etc), and not the fundamental factor… ENERGY.

Clive Maund, January 21, 12:07 am

On silver’s latest 6-month chart we can see that the fairly tight pattern that has developed over the past several weeks, which is widely interpreted to be a bull Flag, is now looking more like a small Head-and-Shoulders top, and being small, it has correspondingly small downside implications. It projects a drop soon at least to the upper boundary of the channel that silver broke out of in December. Factors making it more likely that the pattern is an H&S top are the way the advance reversed at resistance at the late September highs, with a dramatic high volume reversal candle appearing after a string of bearish looking candlesticks with long upper shadows, and of course the extreme positions evident on the COT and Hedgers charts that we will come to shortly.

, January 17, 3:41 pm

COT Silver Report - January 17, 2020.

Theodore Butler, January 16, 12:48 pm

Yesterday, JPMorgan Chase, the largest bank in the US, reported record earnings of $8.5 billion for the fourth quarter and roughly $35 billion for the full year. These are net profits, after all expenses and costs are subtracted from gross revenues. It is no understatement to call JPMorgan a profit-generating machine. My interest in the bank, of course, comes from the perspective of gold and silver. The connection is that JPMorgan is the largest player, by far, in all aspects of gold and silver. Always among the top players in the gold and silver space for decades, what pushed JPMorgan to the very top was its takeover of Bear Stearns in 2008 which resulted in JPM taking the place of Bear as the largest short seller in COMEX gold and silver futures.

Hubert Moolman, January 16, 9:03 am

Silver appears to be very close to an even bigger move higher. Most of the hard work of the double-bottom since 2015 is done. The coming leg higher is the one that will likely take prices to all-time highs. Below, is a long-term Silver chart..

Clive Maund, January 13, 10:06 am

Although last week’s reversal candle and the current rather extreme COT readings make short-term weakness likely, perhaps to the upper boundary of the Fall downtrend, the overall picture for silver is favorable, with it readying to break out of a giant 5-year plus base pattern to follow gold higher. Marked acceleration is likely to follow a breakout above the $22 level.

SilverCOTReport, January 10, 3:13 pm

COT Silver Report - January 10, 2020.

SilverCOTReport, January 6, 11:30 pm


Hubert Moolman, January 6, 9:13 am

These are setting up really favourable conditions for Silver prices and the position it has in the international monetary system. The expectation for much higher Silver prices are certainly reflected in the charts. I have previously presented this chart (now updated) to show how the current bottoming process (2015 to 2018) is similar to that of 2001 to 2003:

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